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                A Brief Introduction to Yuxi Normal University
                信息來源:黨校辦 作者: 時間:2019-04-15 09:29 閱讀次數: 發布:學校簡介

                Yuxi Normal University is located in one of the famous Top Ten Easygoing Livable and Environmentally Friendly Cities of Central Yunnan Province, Yuxi city, Nie Er’s hometown. It is the closest university at the municipal level to the provincial capital of Yunnan Province. It takes a root in Yuxi and adheres to the spirit of our university motto of truth, goodness, beauty and application. A central focus of the university is on standard education upholding the principle of people-first as well as those of reform and innovation. The large-scale cultivation of talented students caters to local and regional educational and economic demands. At the same time the university also attaches great importance on the inheritance and innovation of Yunnan National folk cultures. The university has been successively awarded the following honorary titles of: National Workplace for Culture, National School of Art Education and National Model Workplace for Tertiary-level Art Education in addition to these the university also won first prize in the assessment for the Yunnan Province University Graduates’ Employment Target for 12 consecutive years.

                Yuxi Normal University is a full-time undergraduate-level university in Yunnan Province. In 1978 it was approved by the People's Government of Yunnan Province to establish the Yuxi Normal Diploma-level Training Class and expanded to Yuxi Normal Diploma-level College in 1983 with the approval of the provincial government. In 1992, the National Education Committee approved Yuxi Normal Advanced Diploma-level College. In 2000, with the permission of the Ministry of Education, Yuxi Normal University was built utilizing the shared resources of Yuxi Normal Advanced Diploma-level College, Yuxi Normal College and the Yuxi Adult Education Training Center. In 2007, the university passed the national appraisal for undergraduate level teaching from the Ministry of Education.. In 2017, it achieved a good grade in the national appraisal for undergraduate level teaching from the Ministry of Education. In 2019 it was named a model university for cultivating application-oriented undergraduate talent in Yunnan Province.

                After years of construction and development, Yuxi Normal University has formed a trend of designing majors driven by the development of their respective disciplines. The university now has one Provincial University Class-B Discipline -- Fine Arts, three Provincial Key Cultivation Disciplines -- Environmental Chemistry, Human Geography, Environmental Science and Engineering, along with three proposed and provincially authorized Master's Degree Disciplines -- Arts, Physical Education, Chemistry.

                Yuxi Normal University boasts fourYunnan provincialexperimental teaching demonstration centers. One of these is the Mekong Sub-region Experimental Teaching Center of National Folk Art which was awarded the title of the first Workstation for Non-material Cultural Heritage Inheritance and Preservation by the Chinese Art and Anthropology Association.There arefourkeyprovincial laboratories,threekeylaboratoriesin Yuxi, andonetalenttraining modelat the ProvincialExperimentaland Innovation Centre at the university. In addition, the university also embraces university-levelscientific researchinstitutions which are: Mekong Sub-region National Folk Culture Museum, Endangered Languages Institute, Paleontology Institute, Institute of Ethnic Culture and Social Development, Research Center of Yuxi Economic and Social Development, Ecological Environment Research Center of the Yuxi Plateau and Lake Area, Research Center for Pollution Control and Ecological Restoration and the Test and Analysis Center of Central Yunnan Province.

                Yuxi Normal University campus covers 171.5 acres. It boasts 142.63millionRMB inassetsfor teaching,scientificresearch instruments andequipment. The library has a paper collection of 1,049,300 books, 310kindsof paperperiodicals, 30professional databases which contain870,800 e-booksand14,000 kindsofelectronic periodicals. There are 14 colleges, 8 research institutes and 4 subsidiary teaching institutions under the university. At present, the university has 13,592 full-time students and 779 teachers and staff. Among the full-time instructors, 40% of whom have associate senior titles, 14% of whom have doctoral degrees, 74% of whom have a master's degree or above, fiveprovincially recognized distinguished teachers, one youth talent from the Thousand Talents Plan of Yunnan Province, two cultural expert educators of the Ten Thousand Talents Plan of Yunnan Province, two young adult Academic andTechnicalLeaders of the Yunnan Province, four young adult talents-in-training of the Academic andTechnicalLeaders plan of Yunnan Province. Under the university, there are five provincial teaching teams, 16 municipal Academic Leaders, one Xingyu cultural expert educator and one Xingyu star teacher.

                As of the present Yuxi Normal has 56 majors of which Visual Arts is a national-level specialty with Thai, Geology, Biology and Visual Design being provincial-level specialty majors. There are five provincial level teaching teams, nine exceptional provincial level courses, one model provincial level bilingual course, one provincial level experimental zone for the cultivation of legal talent in professional and practical law, two provincial level bases for experimental practice and training and technical skills service centres and finally four provincial level star educator studios.

                Yuxi Normal University, centering on cultivating students' abilities, seeks to construct an educational environment which integrates learning across different courses and paper offerings to comprehensively promote the development of students’ core competencies. The university in recent years has been accredited the titles of Yunnan Province University Practical Education Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center and of Armed Forces Standardized Construction Pilot University of Yunnan Province University. The university has been successively awarded the following honorary titles: Model Workplace of National Summer Social Practice Activity; National Unpaid Blood Donation Promotion Award; the Ninth Chinese Youth Volunteer Outstanding Organization Award; National Program for Excellence in College Students Volunteer Services for the Western regions. In total students have won 64 national awards across many important competitions such as the mathematical modeling competition for college students, students extracurricular academic science and technology works Challenge-Cup competition, college students Youth-Creation Entrepreneurship Competition, the Chinese "Internet +" college students innovation and entrepreneurship competition, college students’ art performances, vocational skills competition for students of normal tertiary level institutions and a keynote speech of "Love my National Defense" for university students.

                In recent years,theuniversityhas undertaken671research projects at home and abroad, including 17National Social Science Fundprojects,18National Natural Science Fundprojects,4National Arts Fundprojects,1 international cooperation program, 131provincial and ministerial projects,327 prefectprojects,and 173horizontal projects.

                There are 2 public periodicals --Yuxi Normal University Journal and Yuxi Normal University Newspaper. In recent years, the university successfully worked withHuawei Technology Co., Ltdand National High-tech Development Zone in Yuxi to establish theYuxi UniversityIntranet.In cooperation with the Yuxi Tourism Development and Reform Commission the Yuxi College of Culture and Innovation was established and a further Maker College was then established with the assistance of Xinhua Online. In cooperation with the Yuxi Discipline Inspection Commission, The Yuxi Discipline, Inspection and Supervision College was established. Finally, the Nie Er Art Research Center was built in cooperation with the Shanghai Conservatory of Music.

                Yuxi Normal University makes the most of the superiorregional resourcesto developscientific researchandcultural inheritance. The university enjoysaregional advantage in Central Yunnan of multiculturalismalong with being Nie Er's hometown. With the help of the Mekong Sub-region Experimental Teaching Center of National Folk Artandcharacteristic disciplines such as Fine Arts, Physical Education and Music, Yuxi Normal Universitycontinues toeffectively excavate, collect, collate and promotefolk cultureandestablish a good foundationfor scientific research and innovation. This is to assist informing theNational Folk culture curriculum system withitsdistinctive characteristicsas well as to cultivatea group ofapplied artandsports talents withaninnovative spirit and abilityand in so doing operate a distinctive educational institution.Moreover, thanks to the location being a core region for the research of the origins of animallife, the university has taken advantage of the nearby Maotian Mountain Cambrian Bio-fossils of Chengjiang Lake and founded the Paleontology Institute where teachers and students alike can researchpaleontology and ancient ecology.

                With the promotion of China’s One Belt and One Roadstrategic planning, Yuxi Normal University has taken the initiative tointegrate and servemajorstrategies of China and Yunnanand has always held the concept of globalization at its heart. While reinforcing the establishment oflong-termandstable cooperative relationshipswith universities and schools inThailand, Burma, Laosand other neighboring countries, the university has successively carried out various forms of joint education, from exchanges of teachers and students to academic and cultural exchanges with universities and colleges fromthe United States, Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Korea and other countries. Yuxi Normal University has set up 30 internship bases abroad and 4 Chinese Language and Culture Centers overseas. At the same time, we too serve as the first Chinese language and culture education base for the Yunnan Province as well as a test site for the Chinese language proficiency exam otherwise known as HSK.

                Yuxi Normal University aims to build a first-class practical application-oriented university and establish a principle of cultivating students’ morality. The university will strengthen grass-roots CCP party participation and continue to accelerate its transformation and development to promote of a high-level characteristic university in Yunnan province. (The deadline of data statistics in the introduction is March 1, 2019)

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